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New name reflects broader organizational change

Expanding its mission, staff and footprint, the Mental Health & Addiction Advocacy Coalition (MHAC), formerly the Mental Health Advocacy Coalition, has entered a new chapter and established Hubs in Northeast and Southwest Ohio with local staff members, dedicated a staff person to state level activities, and expanded its mission to include both issues impacting Ohioans with mental health and addiction disorders. These changes resulted from a comprehensive strategic planning process and a desire to have a greater impact on the community and the lives of those with a mental illness or addiction disorder.

Established in Cleveland in 2003 with 30 members, the mission of the Mental Health Advocacy Coalition was to provide a broader unified community voice to advocate for mental health issues and to coordinate advocacy efforts. Today, with 103 member organizations, the MHAC has become a statewide coalition with the purpose to unify diverse local voices to advocate with the goals of (1) increasing awareness of behavioral health issues that impact people affected by mental illnesses and addiction disorders and (2) advancing policies that positively impact Ohioans affected by mental illnesses and addiction disorders. The MHAC has established itself as a resource for local and state policy makers, members and the community through its ongoing advocacy efforts and data driven research, policy analysis and recommendations.

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