By the Numbers 4: Developing a Common Understanding for the Future of Behavioral Health Care, Landscape and Analysis of the Intersection between the Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Systems, created in collaboration with The Center for Community Solutions and released in five installments throughout summer 2018, is now completely available! 

This report examines the current state of services for adults with mental health and substance use disorders involved with the criminal justice system.

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  Installment 1:  Overview, History, and Financing of Behavioral Health



  Installment 2: Access to Services


  Installment 3: Survey Data: Jail Administrators and ADAMHS Boards



  Installment 4: Current Availability of Services and Future Roadmap


  Installment 5: Responses, Models, and Approaches



From covering the beginnings of behavioral health care to outlining current accessibility to treatment services, and from analyzing survey data from ADAMHS Boards and jail administrators across Ohio to highlighting potential responses, BTN4 digs deep into the matter and draws a picture of what's really happening. To make the information even more accessible, we hosted a webinar with our members about our findings and our recommendations.

Now, it's available for everyone. Watch it online.

Don't have time to watch the whole webinar? Download the presentation.



Together with The Center for Community Solutions, we've created infographics available for your use.  Download these by clicking their titles below.

Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice 


Crisis Intervention Teams



Average Daily Populations for Public Inpatient Mental Health Care Compared to Jails and Prisons in Ohio


Criminalization of Mental Illness



Jail and Prison Definitions



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