Below is a list of pending bills currently in the Ohio House of Representatives or the Ohio Senate that are in the process of becoming law in the 133rd General Assembly. The listed bills are followed by the MHAC because they are related to mental health and substance use disorders. As bills are introduced and are in the vetting stages, the MHAC may advocate in support, as an opponent, as an interested party, make policy recommendations, or any combination of these to proposed legislation. Some bills move quickly while others stall during the legislative process. Sometimes legislation that has nothing to do with behavioral health is amended to carry provisions that directly impact mental health and substance use disorders. 

MHAC members should use this page as a resource to find out what legislation surrounding behavioral health is being proposed during this General Assembly. The MHAC uses its membership to effectively advocate on state legislation through action alerts, letters to the editor, letters of support, meetings at the Ohio Statehouse, meetings at members’ organizations, and through testimony. We will update this page as more bills are introduced throughout 2019-2020. You may find more information on these bills and others using the Legislative Search Tool. If you are interested in any of the legislation and would like more information, please contact Kelly Smith, the MHAC’s State Program & Policy Director. 

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House Bills

HB 1 CRIMINAL SENTENCING (Plummer, P., Hicks-Hudson, P.)
To modify the requirements for intervention in lieu of conviction and for sealing records of conviction. 

HB 10 DRUG POLICY OFFICE (Brown, R., Stoltzfus, R.)
To establish the Governor's Office of Drug Policy and to make an appropriation. 

HB 12 BEHAVIORAL HEALTH (Manning, D., West, T.)
To create the Ohio Children's Behavioral Health Prevention Network Stakeholder Group.

HB 61 PUBLIC RECORDS (Lanese, L., Liston, B.) 
To include forensic mental health providers, mental health evaluation providers and regional psychiatric hospital employees as individuals whose residential and familial information is exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Law.

HB 87 DUI CHARGES (Antani, N.) 
To allow for the sealing of charges dismissed through intervention in lieu of conviction when those charges are connected to a conviction for operating a vehicle under the influence. 

HB 123 SCHOOL SECURITY (Holmes, G., Manning, G.) 
With regard to school security and youth suicide awareness education and training. 

HB 136 DEATH PENALTY (Hillyer, B.) 
To prohibit imposing the death penalty for aggravated murder when the offender had a serious mental illness at the time of the offense.

HB 157 SURPLUS REVENUE (Greenspan, D.) 
To use some surplus state revenue to help counties fund adult protective and senior services.

HB 165 HEALTH STANDARDS (Liston, B., Galonski, T.) 
Regarding the adoption of health education standards.

HB 166 STATE BUDGET (Oelslager, S.) 
To make operating appropriations for the biennium beginning July 1, 2019, and ending June 30, 2021, and to provide authorization and conditions for the operation of state programs.

HB 194 SPORTS GAMING (Greenspan, D., Kelly, B.) 
To create a Sports Gaming Advisory Board, to legalize and regulate sports gaming in this state, and to levy a tax on businesses that provide sports gaming. 

To revise the initial occupational licensing restrictions applicable to individuals convicted of criminal offenses. 

HB 294 BULLYING (Denson, S., Miller, A.)
To modify the definition of school harassment, intimidation, or bullying.

HB 308 PTSD COVERAGE (Patton, T.)
Concerning workers’ compensation and disability retirement for peace officers, firefighters, and emergency medical workers diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder arising from employment without an accompanying physical injury.

To authorize certain psychologists to prescribe drugs and therapeutic devices as part of the practice of psychology.

HB 338 MENTAL HEALTH (Greenspan, D.)
To enact the Mental Health Awareness and Community Violence Protection Act.

HB 341 ADDICTION TREATMENT (Ginter, T.) Regarding the administration of addiction treatment drugs and federal agency access to the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System.

To prohibit a person subject to a protection order from purchasing or receiving a firearm for the duration of the order.

HB 354 FIREARMS (Plummer, P., Swearingen, D.)
To require the juvenile court to expunge all records sealed pursuant to the juvenile sealing law upon the person's twenty-eighth birthday, to expand the circumstances under which a person has a weapon under disability, to specify that moderate or severe substance use disorder is a mental illness for purposes of the law governing civil commitments, to require the Director of Public Safety to create and maintain the weapons disability data portal, to impose certain consequences on specified entities that fail to comply with data submission requirements, and to make an appropriation.

To revise the requirements for a chemical dependency counselor II license.

To increase the frequency at which a pharmacist may refill certain prescriptions on an emergency basis and to require health benefit plans to cover drugs dispensed in those situations.

HB 443 INSURANCE COVERAGE (Plummer, P., Russo, A.)
Regarding mental health and substance use disorder benefit parity.

HB 469 HEALTH INSURANCE (Manchester, S., West, T.)
To prohibit certain health insurance cost-sharing practices.

To protect minors by prohibiting certain licensed health care professionals from engaging in conversion therapy when treating minor patients.

HB 505 RESIDENTIAL ZONING (Becker, J., Crossman, J.)
To eliminate the specific authority of residential facilities to operate within residential zoning districts.

HB 532 EDUCATION STANDARDS (Brinkman, T., Kelly, B.)
To require the State Board of Education to adopt standards for mental health education, to permit school districts to include mental health education in their curriculum, and to make an appropriation.

HB 580 TELEMEDICINE (Liston, B., Patton, T.)
To require health plan issuers to cover telemedicine services during a state of emergency, and to declare an emergency.

Senate Bills

SB 3 DRUG SENTENCING (Eklund, J., O'Brien, S.) 
To express the intent of the General Assembly to develop and enact legislation to reform Ohio's drug sentencing laws.

SB 6 CHILD HOSTING (Coley, B., Hottinger, J.) 
To regulate temporary child hosting with host families.

Regarding work and education requirements for the Medicaid program.

Regarding Medicaid copayment requirements.

SB 51 DRUG PRESCRIBING (Maharath, T.) 
Regarding non-opioid directives and non-opioid therapies.

SB 54 DEATH PENALTY (Eklund, J., Williams, S.) 
To prohibit imposing the death penalty for aggravated murder when the offender had a serious mental illness at the time of the offense.

SB 55 DRUG TRAFFICKING (Gavarone, T.) 
To enhance penalties for certain drug trafficking offenses committed in the vicinity of a community addiction services provider and to name the act's provisions the "Relapse Reduction Act."

To express the intent of the General Assembly to reform the process of restoring the competency of individuals with serious mental illness charged with nonviolent crimes and to provide alternatives for treatment.

To require the State Board of Pharmacy to educate license holders about the law authorizing naloxone dispensing without a prescription.

To establish a waiver component for the Medicaid expansion eligibility group and to abolish the Healthy Ohio Program.

SB 97 HEALTH SERVICES (Huffman, S.) 
Regarding the provision of cost estimates for scheduled health care services and health care services requiring insurer preauthorization.

SB 111 SPORTS WAGERING (Eklund, J., O'Brien, S.) 
To permit the Ohio Casino Control Commission to regulate sports wagering and to levy a tax on businesses that provide sports wagering. 

To authorize a mental health professional to provide a crisis assessment, without parental consent, to a minor who is or is believed to be suicidal and to make an appropriation to support the employment of social workers or mental or behavioral health professionals at educational service centers.

To prohibit certain health care professionals from engaging in conversion therapy when treating minor patients. 

To prohibit certain health care professionals from engaging in conversion therapy when treating minor patient

SB 184 PROTECTION ORDER (Williams, S., Lehner, P.)
To enact the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act to allow family members, household members, and law enforcement officers to obtain a court order that temporarily restricts a person's access to firearms if that person poses a danger to themselves or others.

SB 207 DRUG TESTS (Schaffer, T.)
To require unemployment benefit applicants to take a drug test under certain circumstances, to create the Ohio Works First drug testing pilot program, and to make an appropriation.

SB 221 FIREARMS LAWS (Dolan, M.)
To provide for the issuance in specified circumstances of a Safety Protection Order to apply regarding a person who a court determines is under a drug dependency, chronic alcoholic, or mental health-related firearms disability.

SB 238 ART THERAPISTS (Yuko, K., Brenner, A.)
To license and regulate art therapists and music therapists.

SB 254 MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS (Gavarone, T., O'Brien, S.)
Regarding mental health and substance use disorder benefit parity.

To enact Sean's Law to establish rules and procedures for an inmate who is found to be at risk of withdrawal from benzodiazepines, alcohol, and other addictive drugs.