By The Numbers

Beginning in 2011 the Mental Health & Addiction Advocacy Coalition worked with The Center for Community Solutions (CCS) to produce By the Numbers, a series of four reports which detail pertinent behavioral health issues in Ohio.

This extensive series of reports provides data and context to policymakers and advocates, with the intention of increasing their knowledge of Ohio’s mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) services. The goal of this series is to support sound, data-driven policy decisions and improvements in the delivery of these services.


By the Numbers: Developing a Common Understanding for the Future of Behavioral Health Care was released on Jan. 26, 2011. The MHAC and CCS undertook this project to collect, consolidate and disseminate data that shows the impact behavioral health disorders have across Ohio's systems and its communities. Our hope is that the data answers questions, raises new questions, and begins a discussion on how to improve the delivery of behavioral health care in Ohio. The recommendations on funding, policy and identified data needs and areas for future research are places to begin.


Executive Summary

By the Numbers 2: Analysis of Ohio's Mental Health Non-Medicaid Spending analyzes Ohio's mental health non-Medicaid spending, focusing on vital support services that individuals with mental illnesses need to live in and contribute to our communities. The MHAC and CCS undertook this research in response to significant policy changes happening in Ohio, and as a follow-up to needs identified in By the Numbers.

For this project, the MHAC and CCS collected, consolidated, and disseminated data from county boards on support services for individuals with mental illnesses that are not reimbursable by Medicaid. Prior to this report no such analysis or collection of data existed. Our hope is that this data will answer questions, raise new issues, and improve Ohio's continuum of care for individuals with behavioral health disorders in Ohio.


Executive Summary

By the Numbers 3: Developing a Common Understanding for the Future of Behavioral Health Care, Analysis of Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment in Ohio focuses on the demographic characteristics of clients in treatment, the types of services they received, and spending related to alcohol and other drug addictions at the state and local levels from 2007-2012. This report was officially released on Monday, July 27, 2015.

By the Numbers 4   |   Installments 1 - 5

By the Numbers 4: Developing a Common Understanding for the Future of Behavioral Health Care, Landscape and Analysis of the Intersection between the Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Systems was created in collaboration with CCS and released in five installments throughout the summer of 2018. This report examines the current state of services for adults with mental health and substance use disorders involved with the criminal justice system.