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Why join?

  • Learn about up-to-the-minute public policy happenings at the local and state levels. 
  • Connect with other organizations working to improve systems of care for individuals impacted by mental illness and addiction disorders.
  • Educate public officials, community members, and peers with your unique understanding of the barriers and gaps that exist for individuals in need of mental health and addiction services.

Who can join?

The MHAC welcomes new members!

MHAC members exemplify the power of coalition through their diversity and common interest in behavioral health. 

Our members include health and human service organizations, the faith-based community, government entities, advocacy organizations, courts, major medical institutions, the corporate arena, and behavioral health agencies serving adults and children.

Individuals are not able to join the MHAC as members, but we’d be happy to talk with you about how to engage your employer or community organization as a member. 

How can I join?

Interested in MHAC membership? Contact Us to learn more. 

Membership Benefits

The MHAC has several different types of meetings and events, and attendance is optional, so members can choose what they want to participate in. 

Membership benefits include:

  • The ability to work with diverse organizations locally and at the state level to create a voice on behavioral health reflective of the entire community, not just a segment or specific field;
  • Opportunities to help craft the state advocacy agenda and impact issues of statewide import;
  • Eligibility to help craft local advocacy agendas and impact local issues;
  • Access to community educational programs, research, and information generated by the MHAC;
  • Opportunities to participate in MHAC committees, meetings, and events;
  • Access to behavioral health content experts; and
  • A forum to share information about your work with diverse local and statewide organizations.