Media and Achievements

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  • January 18, 2023– The MHAC in partnership with Central State University (CSU), Multiethnic Advocates for Cultural Competence, Inc. (MACC), and Ohio University (OU) released Behavioral Health in Ohio: Improving Data, Moving Toward Racial and Ethnic Equity. The study and principals of the report were featured in a worldwide webinar sponsored by the College of Behavioral Health Leadership.
  • April 15, 2021 – Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio (CDF-Ohio) and the MHAC released Mind the Gap: Creating a Robust Continuum of Behavioral Health Care for Young Ohioans, a report which identifies overlapping systems and unmet local needs that impact behavioral health for young Ohioans, from prenatal development, through childhood, and into adulthood across Ohio.
  • January 13, 2021 The MHAC signed on to a letter requesting the Ohio General Assembly to replace derogatory and outdated terms, which continue to stigmatize individuals impacted by behavioral health disorders, throughout the Ohio Revised Code.
  • January 9, 2021 The MHAC applauds the Governor for signing HB 136, exempting individuals with certain serious mental illnesses from the death penalty. The MHAC successfully advocated for the passage of this bill after six years of work collaborating with other advocates, providing testimony, organizing meetings, providing talking points, and helping with amendments to the bill.
  • July 6, 2020 – The MHAC in partnership with the Ohio Alliance for Innovation in Population Health and the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, released Suicide in Ohio: Facts, Figures, and the Future. The report garnered a great deal of media attention, including by, which referred to the report as a "landmark study."
  • June 11, 2020 – The MHAC issued a statement on racism and the behavioral health needs of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) to its membership.
  • June 30, 2019 – The MHAC helped coordinate a Letter to the Editor, which was published in the Chronicle Tribute about misinformation related to SB54, the serious mental illness and death penalty bill.
  • May 24, 2019 – The MHAC and Northeast Hub Director, Karen Kearney were featured in a Cleveland Foundation blog Stories of Impact series.
  • May 22, 2019 – The MHAC’s Executive Director, Joan Englund was named Recovery Resources’ 2019 Woman of Strength.
  • May 14, 2019 – The MHAC’s Northeast Hub Director, Karen Kearney and Northeast Hub Member Red Oak Behavioral Health were featured on a WEWS Channel 5 Video interview.
  • May 13, 2019 – The MHAC’s Executive Director, Joan Englund was quoted about the release of a new report on deaths by suicide in Ohio.
  • Apr. 14, 2019 – WOVU 95.9 “All About Health” Radio Interview with State Program and Policy Director, Kelly Smith and Northeast Hub Director, Karen Kearney.
  • March 14, 2019 – Governor DeWine’s RecoveryOhio Advisory Council released a Report with 75 recommendations from council members, including Joan Englund, the MHAC’s Executive Director.
  • March 28, 2019 – Letter to the Editor re: Medicaid expansion from State Program and Policy Director, Kelly Smith.
  • January 18, 2019 – Joan Englund was appointed to Governor Mike DeWine’s RecoveryOhio Advisory Council to help advise on matters concerning mental health and substance use disorders, along with other experienced individuals.
  • Sept. 11, 2018 – Ideastream Interview on By the Numbers 4: Landscape and Analysis of the Intersection between the Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Systems.
  • Apr. 18, 2018 – Oberlin News Tribune Letter to the Editor re: Lorain County Mental Health Levy from Northeast Hub Director, Karen Kearney.
  • Oct. 31, 2017 – WVIZ Radio Interview with Northeast Hub Director, Karen Kearney re: Halloween Stereotypes.